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The quality of aluminum welding must be very high. For this purpose, it is important to keep under control such hard-to-manage factors as temperature and humidity of the environment, and of course dust.

The aluminum structure ensures maximum quality throughout the entire process: from the receipt of materials that are already certified and classified (aluminum sheet, wire, gas) and the latest model electric welding machine, which guarantees the highest quality of the finished product.

Aluminum is 100% recyclable and, therefore, 100% organic material. Residues
remaining after the use of aluminum structure are non-toxic and recyclable.

Our structures are erected with application of certified processes and only after strict quality control during production. Our technical team controls the works quality, i.e: material quality, layout of parts, welds, leak tests.

the best service for our customers

We can manufacture both a hull and an entire ship on a turnkey basis.

Having studying all possible risks and applying our many-years’ experience in finding the best solutions in shipbuilding, implementing complex projects and finding solutions on every day basis, our team is only getting stronger. We undertake responsibility for the implementation of a project according to the customer’s drawings from the beginning to the end.
Starting from the parts manufacturing and ending with the final assembly and welding works for the project. At the request of a customer, we can clean and paint ships of various sizes and deliver
our projects within Europe on our own. We look at projects from a different angle, perhaps, this is what distinguishes us from other companies. We are looking for suitable solutions for our clients, carefully planning our future works, so that it would be beneficial for the both parties.


The Elsermax team is an expert in the field of shipbuilding; we mainly work with aluminum, but we can also provide a high-quality work in stainless steel or ferrous metal.


Our team treats its tasks as reverently as it builds ships. All the manufacturing processes we use for metal structures comply with regulatory requirements.

Having our own production facilities, large carrying capacity and the latest welding equipment, we manufacture metal structures for various industries in addition to shipbuilding.

Each stage is controlled from the standpoint of quality:
Designing. The planned loads, field of application, specifics of use, method o connecting elements are taken into account. At the same stage, it is determined what material will be used.
Formation of rough parts. Material quality control is carried out. The rough parts are cut, chopped, if necessary, get adjusted.

Processing of a structure details: grinding, bending, drilling, edge processing and more.

Assembly of the product: marking, installation, “tacking” of elements.

Welding together parts. Works are carried out according to process layouts, which describe the method of making a seam, welding type and mode, permissible tolerances.

Coating with anti-corrosion agents.

Marking, packing, placing in a warehouse or sending to a customer.

The manufactured products meet the requirements of all standards related to strength, rigidity, resistance to cracks formation, service life, ease of installation, and others.

We manufacture products according to our own drawings or customer’s drawings. Standard ones along with products for a specific project.

We supply products both in Europe and outside EU. Our logistics service has experience in organizing delivery of large lots, very large metal structures to remote and hard-to-reach areas.


quality and convenience

Welders for rent is a service that provides the flexibility while hiring employees for long-term or short-term projects without having to employ them directly in your company.

At the same time, management will not have to worry about compliance with labor legislation. It is enough to conclude an agreement and pay the works when accomplished by the welder.
Payment under such a contract is much more cost-efficient and easier for the company. The price for the services of a welder is determined depending on the scope of works and a number of other factors.

We carry out the recruitment of welders on flexible cooperation terms for each customer. We guarantee that the welders will treat their duties responsibly.

welders for rent

Professionals will flawlessly perform welding of any complexity.

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